Smart Dimmer 6 ( ZW099-EU )

The Smart Dimmer 6 is an intelligent adapter plug which can be switched and dimmed by mobile remote control, wall switch, smartphone or through automation. Thanks to Z-Wave the Smart Dimmer 6 is more than an ordinary socket. The Smart Dimmer 6 owns a superb energy monitoring which provides consumption data of the connected device in real-time to your Z-Wave control center. This data can be stored also to present it in a history diagram later. Besides a colored LED ring at the Smart Dimmer shows the energy consumption of the connected device.

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Smart Dimmer 6.

Lamp light. Perfected.


Smart dimmer.

Lamps aren’t just decorations in the home; they’re a functional and frequent part of the day. Used to avoid flooding a room with ceiling lights. Used to read by. Used as the backdrop for a movie. The lamps we have and how we use them are as personal and individual as the décor they’re a part of.

Smart Dimmer 6 has been crafted to subtly modernise the lamps in your home, making them smarter.



It’s not enough to fill a room with light, it has to be filled with the right light. Sometime that’s full light to read by, often its dim light to watch a movie by. Smart Dimmer 6 lets you pick the right brightness, for the right mood, and achieve perfect lighting.



There are particular times of day that lighting should be turned on. Smart Dimmer 6 lets you schedule the time your lamps should turn on, and just how bright or dim they should be.


Wireless control

Wireless control.

Go beyond the schedule and wirelessly control Smart Dimmer 6 on demand. Powered by Z-Wave, you can dim and control lamps via remote control or a smart phone.

Energy management

Energy management.

Scheduling enables lamps to be turned on only when needed, and Smart Dimmer 6’s energy monitoring technology lets you understand exactly how much money the lights plugged into it are costing you to run.

Perfectly compatible.

There are a lot of different light bulbs available to buy these days. Smart Dimmer 6 has been engineered to be compatible with as many as possible, from traditional incandescent bulbs to energy-saving halogen bulbs with or without transformers. Smart Dimmer 6 is also compatible with dimmable LED bulbs that use traditional, TRIAC dimming.

Incandescent bulbs

Halogen bulbs

LED bulbs

Brighter light.
Softer light.

Whatever the time of day, whether you’re reading a novel in the early hours of the morning or watching a blockbuster late into the evening, Smart Dimmer 6 offers perfect lamp light for every moment.

You’ll be able to dim or brighten Smart Dimmer 6 to the perfect level via a hub, app, remote control, or directly from its own control button. Smart Dimmer 6 can brighten and dim your lamp light from 0% to 100% and back again.

dimmer usb


Crafted worldwide.
Smart Dimmer 6 has been crafted for Australia, the EU, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Complete control.
So that you still have full control of your lamps, Smart Dimmer 6 features a touch button built into its fascia that powers full on/off and bright/dim control.

Through 16 million colours, Smart Dimmer 6’s LED ring lets you know how much, or how little, you’re spending.

Light control gets easier with Smart Dimmer 6, so does smartphone charging. It features a discrete USB charger on the side.

dimmer size

dimmer 60dimmer 60

Perfectly sized.

Smart Dimmer 6 is precision engineered to be just the right size for each country. With safety and quality at the fore, it’s been made small enough to not block neighbouring power outlets but large enough to comply with safety regulations.

AU: 5.6cm square.

UK: 6cm square.

EU: 6cm square.

US: 5.6cm square.